You can go anywhere. Wherever you can find an ocean, Excelsior Travel can take you there.
First time cruising with Excelsior? These are the most popular destinations for first timers:
Alaska - South America - Europe - Caribbean

Easy and convenient. Unpack once and experience the best of the best on your cruise vacation. There's nothing easier than waking up in the morning in the world's most exciting cities without all the airfare and taxi costs in between!

Unbeatable value. Your cruise fare includes accommodations, dinner and endless fun activities to do.
We also provide payment plans for our luxury cruise lines as well as our economic cruise lines.

Princess Cruises - Alaska


Celebrity Cruises - Galapagos


Princess Cruises - Greece and Italy


Europamundo - Egipto con crucero Dubai

Antarctica Classic - Ushuaia to Ushuaia


Skorpios - Pinguinos y Glaciares